Mighty Men Tartan

..............the CLOTH!

The Story of the Mighty Men Tartan

This book tells the amazing story of a simple piece of cloth
and how it is changing
people`s lives every day.
The cloth was designed by GOD,
Blessed by Evangelist Angus Buchan of Shalom Ministries
And is being worn by Mighty Men and their families in many countries around the world.

Through the patterns and colours used, the cloth tells the story of the
crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is aiding those that wear it to become 'fishers of men'
through the attraction of the vibrant colours of the tartan.

Now YOU too can Wear Your Faith Boldly!!

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James McGowan (Piperjames) and Ina Murison with the very first copy of ...............the CLOTH!

 A huge thank you to the following people for their contribution and allowing us to use their pictures:

 Angus Buchan
James and Mia Galvin
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Jannie Moolman
Lance Walton
Ruthie van der Merwe
Andre Viljoen
Africa Mhlophe
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Expresso Show
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Joe Niemand
Dewald Gouws
Elvis Blue
Ivan Siegelaar
John Merrill
Denise Simons
Theresa and Pierre Reeves
Riaan Swiegers
Charl McCrea
Cees Vastenhout
Duke Sweetnam
Bobby Mighty Men
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Jacques Malan
Pieter Le Grange
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Robert Stanhope
Riaan Cruywagen
Richard Hutchins
Jeff Guidry and Freedom
Blue Bus Ministries
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Bjorn and Roxzann Kleinhans

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Pastor Hennie Lubbe
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Daniel  Briers
Pastor Henry Paulsen and his church
Lance Walton
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