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Testimony Time 

 An excerpt from Gateway News!

Mighty Woman of God

Mighty Ma!!

As we are about to celebrate International Woman`s Day, the Mighty Men of South Africa would like to pay a tribute to OUR very own Mighty Ma, Ina Murison.
(Ina Murison-McGowan)

Ina was born and raised in Cape Town. ‘I am a true blue Capey’ she always says.
Her childhood was marred with tragedy and pain. She was born with a leg disorder and spent most of her first 7 years in hospital.
‘It was a very lonely time and place for a little girl and I grew up having to fight for my place and defend for myself in a grown up world”
Many years and 9 operations later made her one of the most independent
human beings today.
The years in hospital molded her personality and character.
‘It was so hard for me to hand over my life to Jesus, not the believing part as that is what my parents taught me and how I was brought up with but purely because I was so used to having to make decisions and defending for myself at a very very early age, letting Him take over and steer me was foreign and difficult.
From an early age Ina always wanted to travel and was planning a career doing just that.

But her plan was not God`s plan.
She soon embarked on the tricky and hard road of becoming a police officer in the South African Police ending with 25 years of achievements and accolades second to none.
She was the first Police Woman in Cape Town, founder member of the most publicized and ground breaking Child Protection Unit, Police Officer of the year in 1994, just to name a few.
She was/still is well loved by her colleagues but she is also known as a no nonsense woman!
Often ignoring and defying protocol by making a stand when and where it mattered!
Some of her colleagues said that when Ina spoke even the Generals stood to attention and they would rather took the 5th amendment as they would say in the USA.
NOTHING ever stopped her if she believed in a cause.

Ina soon became The Universal Mother, looking after the children of the World.
As a woman she has always had a big heart and affinity for her ‘boys’ as she calls the men in her life (her dad, her late husband, her male colleagues in the SAPD and now the Mighty Men of South Africa).
Acknowledging their hardships, etc. hence her drive to try and show and teach men to take back their rightful place in their families through the Mighty Men Conferences.
She soon earned the title Mighty Ma or MMI (Mighty Man Ina)
She lives, eats, sleeps (well tries to sleep) Jesus.
‘The freedom it brings to ‘hand over’ your live to Jesus is so liberating’, she says.

Now she is sharing her Faith with the World through the World`s only registered Christian Tartan, the iconic Mighty Men Tartan.
The only cloth besides the Shroud of Turin (if you believe it or not) that proclaims Jesus and tells the story of His death and resurrection.
When she decided to design this tartan, she was guided by God and the design comes directly from scripture to bring to the world the most amazing tool to share His Word and proclaiming Jesus.
Wear your Faith Boldly became the slogan for the tartan.
Ina supports everything and anything to do with Jesus and therefor her tartan is now being worn in 23 countries.

“My path was pre-determined to get to THIS point.
And staying close to God`s direction, the road, though with major humps and bumps, is/has been easy”
Even when life threw her curve balls in losing both her parents and then her husband, Barry who died when she was only 33 years old, she buckled down, bit the bullet and got even more determined to do her bit.
“Right let’s move on” and “Bring it on” are just a few of her famous sayings.

And today, it is with that same drive and shear commitment that she has become the Mighty Ma of all Angus Buchan`s Mighty Men Conferences!
She is the BIG drive behind the first Mighty Men Conference that was held in the Western Cape in 2015 and the up and coming Sept 2016 conference.
A directive she got from Uncle Angus whilst visiting him on his farm.
She simply stated “Lets make this happen”!!!

She is unstoppable when it comes to her love and commitment to her father, Jesus Christ.
Her story and conviction for peace and Unity is one of how ONE woman can make a difference!

She is not an astronaut, a scientist or a politician.
Just one ORDINARY woman called by God to do His EXTRA ORDINARY work!
She is a woman with deep rooted principles, a stalwart, dedicated, reliable, trustworthy, vigorous, stable, steadfast and unwavering.
She does not like to be photographed nor does she seek any accolades.
On receiving an Award of Appreciation from Unashamedly Ethical she simply said............it takes teamwork!!

PS. One cool tit bit about her is that if she had her way, her house would be a Christmas scene all year long (the birth of the King means everything to her)
and she loves to colour her hair purple!

Join her at the Mighty Men Conference, Western Cape