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Mighty Men Western Cape honoured for ethical impact - Unashamedly Ethical
June 9, 2016
Gateway News


‘Mighty Ma’ (Ina Murison-McGowan) accepted a certificate of appreciation from Unashamedly Ethical (UE) 
last Friday on behalf of Mighty Men Western Cape
for exhibiting excellent character and a commitment to ethical behaviour and making a difference in the lives of fellow South Africans.

Murison-McGowan, who is the organizer of Mighty Men Western Cape, accepted the award from UE chairman Graham Power 
on behalf of all Mighty Men and their families, all support staff, and all sponsors/partners,
said her husband, Piperjames, who accompanied her at the UE gala dinner awards evening at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West on June 3.

She played a significant role in getting the Mighty Men Western Cape event relaunched in September 2015 and the team is working hard
preparing for the 2016 MMC at Moreson farm, Malmesbury.
 More MM WC information and news is available on the website www.mightymen.capetown and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mmc.westerncape?ref=hl

In reply Ina said:

It is not often that one gets recognized for doing God`s work.
Therefor it`s quite profound having received this acknowledgement.
A first for all the Mighty Men Conferences in SA!!!!
In 1 Cor.12:12 the Bible says that even though we are many members, we are ONE BODY!
This achievement is the result of TEAMWORK!
Thank you Juan Venter, Pragalathan Pillay, Bertie Cloete, Dirk Kruger, Chanthal Whites, Harm Engelbrecht, Errol Naidoo,
Hennie Lubbe, Zane Meas, Dewald Gouws, Etienne Smit,
Wouter De Vos
Gerard Andrew MacLachlan
Fathers Voice
Fatherhood Foundation
Family Policy Institute
for your hard work and late nights serving our Western Cape community.
Thank you Graham Power, Unashamedly Ethical, for this acknowledgement.
And thank you Uncle Angus for passing forward the baton.
Each of us have been given a very UNIQUE and SPECIFIC TOOL to use in our service to others.
Don`t go rummaging in someone else`s toolbox for YOU will come up with the wrong tool!
Look at what is in YOUR HANDS…………..
And use what God has given YOU!
We here at Mighty Men have ONE GOAL…
and that is EVERY SOUL!!
When Jesus washed the feet of the disciples he did not preach a sermon!
So lets stand UNITED and WALK the walk instead of TALKING the talk.
Thank you Mighty Men of the Western Cape.


Dear Piper James and Ina
Greetings to you both in Jesus name.  Thank you so much for your commitment to the Lord first and foremost, and also towards the MMC phenomenon.  We really love you and we are so proud of you.
Yours in Christ

“War Piper 4 Mighty Men” to gather Christian warriors along 1 500km route

Piperjames will walk from Cape Town to Mooi River to call men's attention to the Mighty Men Conference at Mooi River, Kwazulu Natal in October.

James McGowan aka Piperjames aka South Africa’s royal bagpiper aka War Piper 4 Mighty Men will walk 1 500km from Cape Town to Mooi River to pipe-up support for the Kwazulu-Natal Mighty Men Conference (KZN-MMC) in October.

The colourful piper who has played at Queen Elizabeth’s dinner table, the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles, the Edinburgh Military Tatoo (as the lone piper), the opening of the South African Parliament, and most recently at the Mighty Men Conferences in Paarl and Middelburg, will cover the distance solo over eight weeks from August 20. He will be wearing his Mighty Men tartan kilt, piping as he goes, chatting to people and encouraging men to join the KZN-MMC.

And the big question on MMC observers’ minds is whether this extreme piping will lure Mighty Men founder Angus Buchan to the “In The Hidden Valley” MMC on Southern Cross Farm on the banks of the Mooi River. After hosting Mighty Men Conferences on his Greytown farm, Shalom, for seven consecutive years Buchan passed the baton to younger men who organised MMC events in various parts of South Africa. Officially Buchan agreed to address the MMC events at Paarl, Polokwane and Middelburg earlier this year. He recently returned from a successful campaign in Belfast Northern Ireland. At Paarl and Middelburg, Buchan, a farmer-evangelist of Scottish descent struck up a good rapport with Piperjames who moved from the United Kingdom to South Africa five years ago to  marry Ina Murison who recently designed the beautiful Mighty Men tartan which has been registered under an Act of Parliament of Scotland. Another point to ponder is that Mooi River, just 70km from Shalom, is virtually in Buchan’s backyard.  All of  these intriguing details fuel speculation about Buchan’s intentions in October. But as with all MMC events, organizers will remind men that the weekend is about Jesus and not about Buchan. And indeed it is!

Meanwhile, ardent ‘bok' supporter Piperjames will surely score points with local “manne” on the route when he dresses in full Springbok kilt and pipe as the ‘Amabokkepiper’, helping to get the nation fired up for the World Cup this year on the day of the week that has become known by all South Africans as ‘Bok Fridays’.

The Mighty Men movement began with some 200 men gathering at Shalom in 2004. At the 7th and final MMC at Shalom there were hundreds of thousands of men camping at the venue for the weekend and the movement has spread abroad to places such as the United Kingdom and Australia, reflecting a hunger in men to make right with God. Two significant personal milestones for Piperjames along the route will be his 50th birthday on September 16 and his 5th wedding anniversary on October 18.


Da`s `n nuwe das om Haas Das Riaan se nek

                    Bonnie Scots fashion for Buchan`s men