MMC Karoo


Save the date!!!!

24 - 26 April 2015

It is now three months to go until Karoo MMC 2014 and things are starting to fall into place for another incredible conference.
This announcement serves to provide you with the most important information that you will require regarding the conference.

Your Involvement:
Listening to the many hundreds of testimonies coming out of MMC’s of people’s lives that have been dramatically impacted by attending a MMC, it is clearly evident that there is always one common factor present – there have always been other people involved.
Maybe someone invited them, or sponsored them, or prayed for them, or spent time talking with them. We therefore want to challenge you with the following statement:

Your Involvement - Can Change Everything for Someone Else

So prayerfully consider your response to this statement.
For example, who can you invite along, who can you encourage to come, who can you pray for, who can you organise transport or a campsite for?

Date & Venue:
KMMC 2014 will start on Friday 25th April and end on Sunday 27th April.
The venue will be the same as the previous three years, Rusoord farm, 15km’s outside Middelburg, Eastern Cape.

Speakers & Worship:
We believe God has hand-picked the speakers for this year and know that He will use each one to bring a powerful impartation into our lives. The four speakers will be Afrika Mhlophe, Leon Schoeman, Johnny Louw and Retief Burger. Visit the Speakers page on the website for more information about each one. The worship will be led by Retief Burger with Dewald Gouws assisting.

Registration & Fees:
We are requesting everyone who is planning to attend, to register as soon as possible. It is important that every person registers as this helps us tremendously with our planning and having the necessary infrastructure in place to accommodate everyone.
As it was in 2013, KMMC is once again FREE in 2014. There are no registration fees, no conference fees and no camping fees at the venue. The costs of the Conference will be covered by donations.
There will be offering drums at the event for donations. Anyone wishing to make online payments can do so directly into the Karoo Mighty Men Trust account.
Name: Karoo Mighty Men Trust
Bank: FNB, Branch: 210318, Middelburg
Account: 62295845196

Donations made in the next month or so will be greatly appreciated as there are significant costs before the event even starts.

Prayer & Intercession:
Every year we become more aware of the importance of prayer and intercession in order to see people transformed by the power of God in our midst. For KMMC 2014 we believe we have to mobilize more prayer than ever before to create the opportunity for God to work powerfully in all of our lives. We have a number of different actions in place and are asking everyone to visit the
Prayer & Intercession page of the website and specify how you would like to be involved.

Artists that have graced MMC Karoo include Retief Burger,Joe Niemand, Dewald Gouws and Arno Ferreira
but to name a few

Praise and worship at a MMC involves the sound of a crowd of individual believers combining their voices with people they do not even know,  in reverence of the Lord, which stirs unity, says Jo, whose song “Ek sal nie bang wees nie”, became the theme song of Karoo MMC.

Burger says the KMMC 2012 on Rusoord farm near Middelburg is definitely one of his most memorable experiences.

“The venue is beautiful and helped us to respond in true, raw worship! The people are so honest and responsive.
God moves in such a wonderful way!                 
When men unite to honour God I believe the Father impacts households, regions and a nation!
There is a raw, broken anointing on these events that I love!”

Retief says praise and worship prepares the ground at the Mighty Men conferences for the word to fall into responsive hearts by opening-up even the hardest of hearts, but in many ways it is also a way of bringing across truth.

“This is a great opportunity for people in the Karoo to come together to seek God in worship and devotion! Don’t miss it. Even if you feel so far away from God, come as you are, His arms are wide open!”

Retief says Mighty Men founder Angus Buchan has had a big influence on him.  “Uncle Angus is a huge inspiration to me and has encouraged me on so many occasions to never give up. He is a man of integrity and simplicity. He wants no glory for himself and his heart is pure. I love ministering with him.”