Oom Angus getting genuine Mighty Men kilt


The new Mighty Men Tartan was seen for the first time at the launch of Firetrails on Signal Hill last Sunday

Angus Buchan (centre)....ordered his. Jannie Moolman (right)...undecided.

Mighty Men founder Angus Buchan will be presented with a unique Mighty Men kilt at the Mighty Men Conference Cape at Elohim’s Farm at Paarl at the weekend.

Buchan ordered his kilt after he saw the South African designed tartan at its first public showing — at the launch of Firetrails in Cape Town on Sunday.  The beautifully coloured tartan, which has been registered with the Scottish World Register of Tartans, is the first cloth depicting Christianity since the Turin Shroud came to light, claim the manufacturers, Tartans 4 Africa.

Mighty Men Karoo co-organiser, Jannie Moolman said today he will attend the Western Cape event at the weekend and will have a good look at Buchan’s new kilt before he decides whether to sport one when the mighty men from the Eastern Cape get together on his Middelburg farm, Rusoord, from April 29 to May 1.

“I have never previously considered ordering a kilt,” said Moolman. “But there is always a first time!” He said preparations for the influx of some 30 000 men on his farm were going well. He said about 80 local men, including farmers and Middelburg residents, were lending a hand. Tickets for the conference, including camping, cost R100 per person and can be bought online at www.itickets.co.za or by calling 079 947 3566 or 0861 000 291. Gates open at 6am on Thursday 28th April. Women will be able to attend the service on the farm addressed by Buchan on the morning of Sunday May 1. More information is available on the website www.karoommc.co.za

The Mighty Men Cape event runs from Friday to Sunday. The new Mighty Men tartan, which was officially launched outside the offices of Radio Tygerberg today, is expected to be seen in various formats at the weekend. Gospel singer Joe Niemand will be there wearing his tartan scarf and the cloth can be bought by the metre or as a tie, scarf, baseball cap or pashmina.

In a press release, Tartans 4 Africa say:”The Tartan got its name from The Bible which tells us about the Mighty Men of David. It commemorates Christianity and is also in acknowledgment of fellow Christians, the Mighty Men Conferences under the banner of Angus Buchan of Shalom Ministries and all other Mighty Men organizations and Groups in the world.

“This Tartan was designed to serve as a reminder to all Mighty Men and indeed all Christians about the promise that they have made to God to better themselves, the lives of their families and the lives of those around them.

“The colours in the Tartan comes from Scriptures and tells the story of Jesus dying on the cross for us (white),
His blood shed for us (red) and how it is seen overpowering sin (black), then into purple the colour of Jesus’ robe, through to silver which stands for the armour of God and finally into a vibrant green which stands for spiritual growth, fertility and continuance in life.”

To place an order or for more information and photos of the tartan and items on sale, go to www.mightymentartan.com.