Mighty Men Tartan


God called.....................we answered!

In 2009 it was laid upon Ina Murison`s heart to immortalize the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus in a Tartan
the most iconic and recognized fabric in the world.
Ina had by then already gained both National and International recognition as a tartan designer.
They were blessed with this God given opportunity to Spread the Word of God.
The message was very clear and God`s guidance in this, personal and direct.

Using the Bible and colours from it, Ina, with God`s direction, designed the Mighty Men Tartan.

The Mighty Men Tartan is the World`s first ever and only Christian Tartan!

In 2010 the Tartan was registered on the Scottish World Register by a special act of Parliament in Scotland.

It has become the biggest talked about topic in the Christian World.

This tartan has become Ina and James`s Ministry.

 The aim is to get as many followers of Jesus Christ to wear their Faith Boldly
and help them to minister to others using the cloth.

The Tartan is woven in South Africa and all items in it are handmade by local Capetonians.

A book has been written about the story of the Mighty Men Tartan called 'the CLOTH'.
Read more about it on that page.