This is the Mighty Men Tartan.

In a world dominated by brands, many Christians have taken to wearing Christian accessories such as cell phone pouches, crosses and bumper stickers.
The idea behind these Christian emblems, is to identify oneself as a Christian. One who is committed to living and behaving the way Jesus would. 

In theory, these emblems are excellent tools for Christians to reflect the Gospel in their daily activities.
therefor the MIGHTY MEN TARTAN the only registered Christian Tartan in the world, was designed for that specific purpose.

To help and aid followers of Jesus to spread the Gospel.

It is NOT a fashion item or something you can easily ignore.

The tartan is a stark declaration of our intent and allegiance.

We who wear it want people to see it.

It is the flag of all Christians and Mighty Men.

It distinguishes us as one who are a FOLLOWER of Jesus!

The Mighty Men Tartan phenomenon is a wonderful, Holy Ghost inspired idea.

Many have testified of the challenge that has come to their lives through the tartan, serving to bring our Heavenly Father honour.
It has taken the Christian world by storm. Every Christian knows what it’s all about.

It cannot be hidden and it certainly makes a very very bold statement!

It however confronts one with a choice of how to act in a Godly way in any given situation.
One simply cannot wear this cloth as a ‘fashion’ item as it WILL lose its purpose.
The world WILL hold you ransom and challenge you to 'SHOW ME'
In fact, in a very critical and unforgiving world YOU will have to own up to the meaning of this tartan
by your behavior and you will be scrutinized when wearing this Christian cloth.

As Christians, we have to be critically aware that we bare overwhelming testimony to our faith in Jesus Christ.
We can just as quickly destroy someone’s positive perception of our Lord and be a bad testimony.
The very credibility of the Gospel is at stake if we abuse our witness and treat others badly, steal, lie, abuse our wives and children and succumb to road rage.
It is a stark reality that for all the good fruit that the tartan has produced, in the wrong hands,
it can be a real tool of the enemy of the Gospel if abused by irresponsible believers. 

When you are wearing this tartan, you are screaming to the world, 'WATCH ME!'

It must be an honor to wear the tartan.
After all we are ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

Dont become a fashion victim..............LEAD THE WAY!

And show the world that you belong to the MIGHTIEST family in the world
called............................FOLLOWERS OF JESUS CHRIST!


All the colours in this tartan comes from the Bible.  See the 'explanation of the colours' page.
As most people know what a tartan stands for you will be asked, to what 'clan' do you belong to?
A very important question as it immediately gives you the opportunity to minister to that person by explaining the meaning of the colours.
In 1 Samuel 22:2 we read about the Mighty Men of David who were men of difficult backgrounds. They were not Sunday school boys.
They were in debt and discontented under the reign of Saul. They were men with problems and with things in their pasts to overcome.

But David accepted them and trained them into his loyal, fighting troops - David’s Mighty Men 2 Samuel 23:8-39 

They became proud and valiant soldiers of God.
Their achievements showed the activities of believers who proclaimed Christ Jesus as their King.